Upholstery Cleaning | Barnesville GA

Upholstery Cleaning | Barnesville GA 770-468-3757We are certified by the IICRC to properly clean and care for fine fabrics found in upholstery. Your furniture will be assessed prior to cleaning to determine the soiling condition and the fabric type of each piece of furniture. Based on the assessment, we will use one or more approved cleaning methods: Hot Water Extraction with the Drimaster Upholstery Tool, Dry Cleaning with a cleaning solvent, Dry Foam cleaning, or encapsulation cleaning.

Cleaning leather upholstery presents special concerns. The type of leather must first be identified: Upholstery Cleaning | Barnesville GA 770-468-3757aniline, nubuck (sometimes referred to as suede), pigmented, or pull-up. All dry material is removed first. The proper cleaning solution for the identified leather type is then applied to remove soil, grease, and oils that may be present on the surface of the leather. But cleaning is not the final step! Any leather cleaning method will strip some of the natural oils from the leather. These oils should be replenished by applying a cream protector/moisturizer after cleaning so as not to leave the leather too dry.