Hard Surface Flooring Cleaning & Maintenance

MarbleFloor-300x253Hard surface flooring is becoming an increasingly popular choice when it comes to home decor. Some popular choices in hard surface flooring in today’s homes are wood, natural stone, concrete, and tile. These floor coverings are more durable and more natural looking.

Being constructed of a hard material, you may think that it will be easy to clean and maintain compared to a carpeted floor. You may use a mop and cleanser or a vacuum to remove dirt. And while your floor may look clean, over time, dirt, soil, salt, and debris start to accumulate. When these materials add up, they can cause the life of your floor to diminish.

It is important for you to have your hard surface flooring professionally cleaned. Thompson Cleaning Services is an IICRC certified company that is family owned and operated. We are a full service cleaning company that services residential and commercial properties of Griffin, Barnesville, and the surrounding area. Our technicians are specially trained and are experienced on the most up-to-date techniques. We use all the proper tools, cleaning solutions, and methods to maintain and restore the natural beauty of you hard surface flooring. Not only will your flooring be clean, but the life of your hard surface flooring will be extended.